Converging  5G AND ARVR/AI:

Enabling your business growth


Date: 5 November 2021, Friday

Time: 2:30pm to 3:45pm

Location: Virtual Session via Zoom


What is this about?

The advent of 5G is accelerating and changing ARVR experiences today. Interactive and immersive solutions can change how your business operates, and also help deliver never-before-seen customer experiences and services. Beyond gaming and entertainment ARVR applications, both complementary technologies have the ability to transform a whole range of industries including business-centric sectors such as manufacturing.


With Singapore on track to achieve nationwide 5G rollout by 2025, it is important for businesses to think about how to leverage this coverage and ARVR solutions, to help their workers perform in remote environments, achieve better efficiency or change how consumers experience their products/services.


In this webinar, our experts IBM and homegrown MR company Serl.io will share how 5G is crucial to deliver stable, high-speed and realistic ARVR experiences, and the use cases of ARVR and AI in various sectors e.g. manufacturing, human-to-human experiences. Also, look out for live demos of ARVR technology in action!




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